Using invoked .NET interface

This page for those, who are willing to use The Catalog database in their .NET based applications. You have two options to do so. You can use the invoked native interface or download the NuGet package of the cross-platform .NET API. In this tutorial we will use the invoked library.

Downloading the invoked library

At first, you need to download invoked .NET interface from the official website (in the download section) or from here.

Intalling the invoked library

No installation is needed to work with the interface. Unzip the downloaded file and make a reference to it. Here are the steps in Visual Studio:

  • Unzip the downloaded file:

The Catalog NoSQL- .NET API unzipping - CatalogDB

  • Start Visual Studio and open/create a project. In the Solution Explorer right click on the “References” and choose “Add Reference…” option:

The Catalog NoSQL- .NET API add reference - CatalogDB

* In the pop-up window browse for the DLL:
The Catalog NoSQL- .NET API import reference - CatalogDB