The Catalog mirroring (advanced)

There are a lot of reasons to modify the configurations of The Catalog NoSQL Database mirroring (for example: want to add new mirror or delete an existing one).

Modifying mirroring

To modify these on an existing mirroring entry follow the steps below:

The Catalog NoSQL- Created mirroring - CatalogDB

Click on “Edit mirrors” button. In the popup window right click on the entry that you would like to modify and select “Modify params”:

The Catalog NoSQL- Modify mirror - CatalogDB

Four options apperas:

  • Ports”: Changes the original ports (file port and data port) to another.
  • Server name”: Replaces the original server to another one.
  • Relative path”: Here you can change or add a new path that points to a table in the external-pc where the mirroring should be done.
    For example let's say our database has three tables (table1, table2, table3). The external-pc where we want to mirror has two tables (table10, table20). In this case we don't want to destroy our tables arrangement on the external-pc. So we decide to put all the mirrored content below one table in this case below table called 'table10'. That's when the relative path come in. In the relative path just type in the table name where we want to put our mirrored content below. In this case type in 'table10'. In the end the tables layout on the external-pc will look like this: 'table10', 'table10.table1', 'table10.table2', 'table10.table3', 'table20'.
  • Password”: Changes the password associated with the external-pc.

Finally, click on “Save and exit” button to apply modifications.

Remove mirroring

Sometimes there is required to remove an existing mirroring server for example in case when the external server has been crashed or down. To achive this:

  1. In the manager navigate to “Mirroring” tab and click on “Edit mirrors” button.
  2. Like you did in the “Modifying mirrors” section right click on the entry that you would like to remove.
  3. Chose “Delete server” option.
  4. On the popup warning hit “Yes”.
  5. Mirror has been removed.

Finally, click on “Save and exit” button to apply modifications.

The Catalog NoSQL- Delete mirror - CatalogDB

Late mirroring

Sometimes at the beginning (especially in hobby projects) there is no foundation building up basic replication and only long time afterwards the possibility to create one comes in. In this case when the mirroring had been set up the previously created content would not be synchronised.
To avoid this run the BUILD ROOT keyword against the newly created server node.

Realizable mirroring techniques

In The Catalog using mirroring you can realize any type of replication. The diagram below shows the most common mirroring techniques that are achieved with CatalogDB: The Catalog NoSQL- Mirroring structures - CatalogDB